Trial Frame Rotating

CAT No. KL-21.050
Rotating Lightweight Trial Frames designed to maximize patient to be comfortable by minimizing frame weight. Yet retaining high durability quick and easy adjustment of both PD and corneal alignment are obtainable, while providing a sure mounting for trial lenses.

Range of PD adjustments: PD of both eyes 48 ~ 80mm Minimum graduated value 1mm
Inner diameter of lens frame: F32.5mm
Number of lens, which can be inserted into left or right lens frame simultaneously: 4 pieces
Degree of lens rotating around optical axis in the lens frame: 3600
Non-parallelism between lens optical axis and lens frames geometric axis: =2.50
Non-concentricity between lens optical center and lens frame geometric center: =0.5mm
Displacement of lens in relation to position of lens frame geometric center: =0.3mm

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