Traditional Sloan Optotype Eye Chart

Sloan optotypes are highly calibrated to a 5×5 grid. This grid helps to create a uniform difficulty throughout the 10 optotypes. Each optotype takes up a similar space and creates a uniform blur when they are out of a patient’s visual acuity range. This is an essential factor that makes Sloan optotypes so reliable and accurate in visual acuity testing. Distance Eye Chart for vision testing at 20 Feet Visual acuity range 20/100 to 20/16.


  • Chart includes red and green color bars for an easy and helpful color vision test.
  • Made of Extra Strong, Easily Washable, Non-reflecting, Matte Finish PVC Sheet.
  • Perfect for optometrists, students, offices, and schools.
  • And the top centre hole, easy to hang on the wall.
  • Eye chart measures 23 X 35.5 cm (9 X 14 in.)
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