CAT No. KL-35.010
Offers a multi featured Synoptphore for the diagnosis and treatment of squint diseases. A built in after image device employs the special pair of after image slides provided. Abnormal retinal correspondence can be detected by using these slides, coupled with the intense light source obtained by rotating a switch on the base. All models feature with a wide I.P.D. Range. Chinrest movement suitable for patients of all ages; breath shield; down ward sloping endless for the tiniest of children’s easily cleaned optical tubes; large easily read scales; an Internal transformers And voltage selector.

1. Excellent Diagnostic and Therapeutic Instrument for Squint (or) strabismus,
2. Angle management.
3. Binocular Vision. Angle of Deviation measurement.
4. Auto flashing device, after image test and Haidinger brush.

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