Slit Lamp Microscope

Slit Lamp Microscopes Manufacturers in India

CAT No. KL-23.020
Slit Lamp Microscopes manufacturers in India:- Slit Lamps utilize high quality Optic, providing clarity and detail that will surprise even me most discriminating operator. The XYZ joysticks, convenient controls, and ergonomic design, combined with top quality materials and meticulous assembly, ensure year of comfortable, enjoyable use. The outstanding optical Performance, features and quality make the Kashmir Surgical series comparable to the world’s elite lamps.

CAT No. KL-23.010 Slit Lamp Microscope Zoom
CAT No. KL-23.020 Slit Lamp Microscope Economy
CAT No. KL-23.060 Slit Lamp Microscope Stepper
CAT No. KL-23.070 Slit Lamp Microscope Super

Kashmir Surgical Works is one of the leading Slit Lamp Microscopes manufacturers in India. We provide superior quality Slit Lamp Microscope with the latest technology. Slit Lamp Microscopes are used to examine injuries or abnormalities of the eye, anterior segment and posterior segment.

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