Rosenbaum Pocket Card

This Rosenbaum Pocket Vision Screening Card utilizing PV Numbers provides 20/800 distance equivalent testing when held at 16 inches (40 cm) distance. This card fits easily in a pocket for quick, convenient visual acuity screening and includes matching 20/200 Jaeger notation.


  • Side 1 also includes pupil diameter gauge.
  • Side 2 features continuous text format.
  • This format helps to simulate everyday activities such as reading.
  • This simulation leads to better testing of the patient and helps identify near vision problems that interfere with normal activities.
  • Side 2 includes both metric and standard rulers.
  • Easy to Use: High contrast of black optotypes and white background, perfect gift for optometrists, eye care specialist, eye doctors, eye care providers, optician and so on
  • Great Value: Additional pupil gauge information on the front side, and both inches and centimetres on the back side of the pocket eye card.
  • Chart measures: 8.9 x 16.2 cm (3.5 x 6.375 In)

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