Mixed Decimal Eye Chart

Taking care of your vision is crucial, and getting your eyes checked regularly can help maintain your eyesight. The Mixed Decimal Eye Chart is a useful tool that can help you assess your visual acuity and detect any visual impairment.

What is a Mixed Decimal Eye Chart?

The Mixed Decimal Eye Chart is a comprehensive eye testing chart that measures visual acuity. This chart displays a series of letters or numbers with different font sizes and orientations that help assess how well an individual can see at a specific distance.


  • Non-reflecting, matte finish eye charts:

The non-reflecting, matte finish eye charts help in providing an accurate and reliable vision testing experience. The charts ensure that the light does not reflect off the surface and cause glare, which can interfere with the test results.

  • Crafted specifically for examining visual acuity from a distance of 20 feet

The Mixed Decimal Eye Chart is designed to be used for vision testing at a distance of 20 feet, making it ideal for optometrists, ophthalmologists, and schools.

  • Constructed from Robust, Low-Glare PVC Material that is Simple to Clean.

The eye chart is made of extra strong and easily washable PVC sheet material, which is durable and long-lasting. The non-reflecting, matte finish PVC sheet ensures that the chart is easily readable and doesn’t cause any glare.

  • Perfect for optometrists, students, offices, and schools:

The Mixed Decimal Eye Chart is perfect for use in optometrist offices, ophthalmologist clinics, and schools. The chart can also be used by students for vision testing purposes.

  • Top center hole, easy to hang on the wall:

The eye chart comes with a top center hole, which makes it easy to hang on the wall. This feature ensures that the chart can be placed in a convenient location for easy access during vision testing sessions.


The Mixed Decimal Eye Chart is an essential tool for assessing visual acuity and detecting visual impairments. Whether you are a healthcare provider, educator, or employer, the chart is a valuable asset for identifying individuals who may need corrective lenses or other interventions to improve their eyesight. With its precision, accuracy, and convenience, the Mixed Decimal Eye Chart is a reliable tool for maintaining healthy eyesigh

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