CAT No. KL-32.010
Keratometer is the world wide standard for manual measurement of corneal curvatures. Measures concave surfaces for contact lens fitting. Both major and minor meridians can be measured once the major axis is located. Easy elevation and lowering allows quick patient positioning. Other features include engraved focusing scale, coincidence focusing system, single position measurement in both meridians.

Coincidence Focusing System, 15x Eyepieces, One Position Instrument. Measure Both Meridians Without Changing Optical System, Simple Vertical Adjustable Head to Fit Patient, Astigmatic Axis 0 to 180 Degree, Dual Eye Level Sighting System, Diopter 36 – 52 (in 0.25 steps), Paint Finish : Black Or White, Supplied in Hard Thermocol Box.

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