Indirect Ophthalmoscope Halogen

CAT No. KL-19.011
Halogen Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscope is an excellent instrument for all standard applications, as well as with uncooperative pediatric patients & in cases where the papillary diameter is less than 4mm. The need for pupillary dilatation is virtually obviated when using the SPF-capability of this dual purpose clinical instrument.

Has all pupil feature, Brilliant halogen illumination, Stereo optical system,
Cobalt Blue and Green Filters, Compact and light weight Instrument, Simple controls for adjusting the headband, Inter-pupilary distance adjustable from 50-75mm

CAT No. KL-19.010 F.O. Indirect with D-594 Light Source & C-450 F.O. Light Cable
CAT No. KL-19.020 F.O. Indirect with C-594 Light Source & C-450 F.O. Light Cable

Indirect Ophthalmoscope Halogen

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