Illiterate Landolt E Charts with Red Green Lines

Tumbling or Illiterate “E” charts are very reliable alternative visual acuity tests. Although Landolt “C” tests are considered the standard in alternative vision tests, many studies have proven that Tumbling “E” tests are nearly equal. In fact, because of their shape, Tumbling “E”s have grating properties and have been proven to be almost better then Landolt “C”s in visual acuity establishment. Distance eye test for visual acuity screening at 20 Feet Visual Acuity range 20/100 to 20/16.


  • Tumbling “E” suitable for illiterate and preliterate patients Useful for multiple languages.
  • Chart includes red and green color bars for an easy and helpful color vision test.
  • Made of Extra Strong, Easily Washable, Non-reflecting, Matte Finish PVC Sheet.
  • Perfect for optometrists, students, offices, and schools.
  • And the top centre hole, easy to hang on the wall.
  • Eye chart measures 23 X 35.5 cm (9 X 14 in.)
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