FiberOptic Sigmoidoscope

FiberOptic Sigmoidoscope with tubes length of 300, 250 and 200mm and diameter 20 and 16mm and 10 infant tube: all have distal annular illumination and therefore a completely unobstructed view of the object under observation. Fiber Optic Sigmoidoscopes offer the finest in design and craftsmanship to provide optimal clinical performance.

Fiber optics provide a cool distal ring of light with no reflections, no obstructions. Made from autoclavable stainless steel for convenience and durability Hinged window with a neoprene seal avoids fogging during insufflation. Graduated tube with removable tip for fiber cleaning.

CAT No. PR-19.016 F.O. Sigmoidoscope Small Length 200mm
CAT No. PR-19.017 F.O. Sigmoidoscope Medium Length 250mm
CAT No. PR-19.018 F.O. Sigmoidoscope Large Length 300mm

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