FiberOptic Proctoscope

F.O Proctoscope incorporates a removable hinged window which can be swung open, a connector for a dilating bulb, a swivel Loupe 1.8x; and a metal end sleeve. This instrument is connected directly to the Fiber Optic cable with adaptor.

Stainless Steel Proctoscopes with FiberOptic Light Carrier.
Available in 3 Sizes Child, Adolescent and Adult.
Polished Metal or Mat finishes metal in case, non-reflective dull finishes.

CAT No. KL-1918.01 F.O. Proctoscope Child
CAT No. KL-1918.02 F.O. Proctoscope Medium
CAT No. KL-1918.03 F.O. Proctoscope Large

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