Fiber Optic Operating Laryngoscope Rigid

Operating Laryngoscope Manufacturers in India

Operating Laryngoscope manufacturers in India:- Kashmir Surgical’s offers Laryngoscopes and accessories for use in microsurgery, featuring maximum illumination and light intensity, as well as for use in laser surgery, featuring non-reflective dull finishes. We offer a large selections of Laryngoscopes. All laryngoscopes have fiberoptic light carriers, with a wide range of patterns and sizes (adult, adolescent, and child) available.

Operating Laryngoscope with fiberoptic light carrier. Available size for Child, Adolescent and Adults, Polished Metal or Mat finishes metal in case, non-reflective dull finishes.

CAT No. PR-19.050 F.O. Operating Laryngoscope Adult
CAT No. PR-19.060 F.O. Operating Laryngoscope Medium
CAT No. PR-19.060 F.O. Operating Laryngoscope Child

Your search for the best Operating Laryngoscope manufacturers in India is over now. Kashmir Surgical Works supplies a range of high-quality operating laryngoscopes. We are committed to offering best-in-class products with the highest level of customer service.

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