FiberOptic ENT Headlight

State of the art Single optical systems concentrate and focuses the brightest white light available virtually shadow free. Fiberoptic Headlight is available with a variable 5-80mm light spot or with a fixed 80mm light spot at a 16” distance. At 19.5” the spot size is 100mm for fixed or variable type headlight.

Soft, flexible headband with a ratchet on the top and back for superior comfort and customized fit.
Fiber optic bundle is encased in three layers of protective materials to prevent fiber breakage and reduce costs

CAT No. FO-55.010 F.O. ENT Head Light Set with D-594 & C-450 (Old No. FO-550.01)
CAT No. FO-55.020 F.O. ENT Head Light Set with C-594 & C-450 (Old No. FO-550.02)

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