FiberOptic Bronchoscope Rigid

Fiber Optic Bronchoscope offer the finest in design and craftsmanship to provide optimal clinical performance. Bronchoscope with fiberoptic light carrier, for Child, Adolescent and Adults, graduated in centimeters. Esophageal Speculum available in Polished metal or Mat finishes metal in case.

Fiber optics provide a cool distal ring of light with no reflections, no obstructions. Made from autoclavable stainless steel for convenience and durability. Graduated tube with removable tip for fiber cleaning.

CAT No. PR-19.010 F.O. Bronchoscope Adult Length 45cm Dia 16mm
CAT No. PR-19.011 F.O. Bronchoscope Medium Length 35cm Dia 12mm
CAT No. PR-19.012 F.O. Bronchoscope Child Length 25cm Dia 8mm

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