FiberOptic Anterior Commissioner Laryngoscope

FiberOptic Laryngoscope, triangular cross section, anterior commissure, single side tube for FiberOptic Light carrier used for viewing and operating on throat and larynx. Available in Polished metal and Mat Finished metal in case.
The Anterior Commissure Laryngoscope was designed for patients with limited laryngeal exposure. The height on the proximal opening has been decreased and the distal tip angle is more acute to increase patient selection for micro procedures.

Anterior Commissure Laryngoscope with fiberoptic light carrier. Available size for Child and Adults, Polished Metal or Mat finishes metal in case, non-reflective dull finishes.

CAT No. PR-19.100 F.O. Anterior Commissioner Laryngoscope Adult
CAT No. PR-19.200 F.O. Anterior Commissioner Laryngoscope Child

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