Direct LED Headlight Rechargeable

CAT No. LED-350
State of the art Single Optical systems concentrate and focused the brightest white light available virtually shadow free. LED Headlight is available with a variable 5-80mm Light Spot or with a fixed 80mm Light Spot at a 16” distance. At 19.5’ the spot size is 90mm for fixed or variable type Headlight.

1. Soft, Flexible headband with a ratchet on the top and back for superior comfort and customized fit.
2. Provide not only comfortable wear but also convenience during medical Examination and Operations.
3. Ultra bright LED light with high density LED.
4. Easy to adjust head strap and angle
5. Extensive LED lifetime (more than 50,000 hours)
6. More than 4 hours of continuous use
7. Easy to recharge

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