Direct Halogen Headlight with Binocular Loupe

Surgical Loupe Manufacturers in India

Surgical Loupe Manufacturers in India:- Direct Halogen Head light for true tissue color and consistent. Long lasting Illumination. Iris diaphragm regulates diameter of Light Spot. Direct Halogen headlight can be fitted with KL-12/KL13 series Binocular Loupes. Fitting and removal takes only seconds. The Binocular loupes can be adjusted to match the viewing axis exactly. Kashmir surgical Works is a trusted name among the Surgical Loupe Manufacturers in India. Our surgical loupe is tested for industry standards to achieve maximum utility along with a promise of reasonable pricing on them.

Weighing 120grams, it’s one of the most comfortable lightweight headlights available.
Bright, Shadow-free light allowing the end user to see tissue characteristics without distortion.
Continuously adjustable spot size and brightness control. Mains or portable power supply.
Enjoy the flexibility of operating the headlight using the direct power source.

CAT No. HL-3.5x-010 Halogen Head Light with 3.5x Binocular Loupe
CAT No. HL-4.5x-010 Halogen Head Light with 4.5x Binocular Loupe

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