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Find Snellen Eye Chart Manufacturers In India

Snellen Eye Chart Manufacturers in India: Eye charts are one of the numerous instruments the doctor uses during an eye exam, but they help assess one’s eyesight. During an eye exam, eye charts assess visual acuity by comparing how well one can see to other people. The eye doctor asks the patient to read the minor line of writing that one can make out from 20 feet away while looking at the eye chart. One has a 20/20 vision if one can see clearly at a distance of 20 feet, which most individuals can see at that distance. Usually, doctors use one of the four common types of eye charts. Here is what one should know about these charts before choosing Snellen Eye Chart Manufacturers in India.

Types of charts used:

Four standard eye charts used by doctors are:

Snellen eye chart:

This is the first eye chart created in the 1860s by Dutch ophthalmologist Hermann Snellen. A large letter E appears on the chart’s first line. One must read the chart from left to right while occluding one eye at a time.

Landolt C chart:

The creator of this visual acuity chart is a Swiss ophthalmologist named Edmund Landolt. This eye chart employs a Landolt broken ring symbol in several orientations and is similar to the Tumbling E chart. For individuals who are mute or illiterate, the Landolt C chart can be used to assess eyesight.

Tumbling E eye chart:

Children who are too young to read or people who have trouble reading or speaking might utilize this sort of eye chart. Depending on the picture orientation of the letter E the patient sees on the chart, they are instructed to lift their hand upward, downward, left, or right.


The Early Treatment, Diabetic Retinopathy Study, contributed to standardizing eye chart layout and visual acuity testing. The National Eye Institute and the Food and Drug Administration acknowledge the ETDRS as the benchmark for clinical eye test studies worldwide.

Are all the charts the same?

There are several kinds of eye charts available, as mentioned above. While some charts employ text, others utilize patterns or images. Eye care professionals may utilize different charts to measure distant and close vision. While some eye charts are explicitly designed for kids, others are appropriate for kids and adults. The most popular and well-known eye chart, however, is the Snellen eye chart.

Finding the right manufacturer

When one decides to get a Snellen eye chart for their clinic, they should pay attention to the quality and cost of the eye charts. Not all eye charts are made the same. However, it is not feasible to buy new charts now and then; therefore, durability and quality make a big difference. Also, understanding the chart as per the size of the lettering is crucial for a proper eye checkup. Choose manufacturers like Kashmir Surgical Works, who have experience in the market and a good reputation in Snellen eye chart manufacturing. Ask about the cost, get quotes, and check the overall customer support and shipping details. 

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